Thursday, September 25, 2014

Saturday's Market and Slow Food News

Market List

Lamb- we should have it all this weekend- chops, steak, stew, organ, marrow bones and a bit of ground
Musadine Grapes- we will have about 20 pints of Purple and the Bronze Muscadines
TOMATILLOS, TOMATILLOS...we are picking about 75-100 lbs a week
Zinnia Bouquets

Remember we are pesticide free and Certified Naturally Grown. Speaking of, our Farm is on the Home page of CNG again this month. Check it out along with our recent farm inspection and Declaration.

This is what they sent to us today;
Congratulations! Your farm is now featured on the Certified Naturally Grown home page.
Check it out here:
Certified Naturally Grown farms and apiaries are committed to the highest ideals of sustainable agriculture. Congratulations on becoming one of our poster farmers!
Thanks for all you do to help build a sustainable food system in your community.
The CNG Team   Now for the Slow Food News. Many of you are aware from following the blog that we have received 3 grants from Slow Foods. One for Cayuga Ducks, Old Type Rhode Island Red Chickens and St. Croix sheep is our newest venture. The Cayuga ducks have been the most successful probably because we have been at it the longest(and I am crazy about those ducks). Many of you have tried our rainbow colors of duck eggs and we have actually had a few to sell for roasting finally. Today I rescued a late season, newly hatched duckling running around the barnyard and found a safe place for her and her mother.   In October Sunflower Savannah will be manning a booth at the Small Farm Trade Show to promote Slow Foods St. Louis and the Ark of Taste. We will be trying to bring awareness to the public on disappearing breeds and food making practices. We also will be discussing Slow Food's Garlic project. The dates for the Small Farm Trade Show is October 23-25 and it will be held at the Mexico, Missouri Stockyard this year instead of the Boone County Fairgrounds in Columbia as it has been the last 22 years.   I am so excited about this opportunity and I hope some of you will make some plans to come out and attend at least 1 day.   That's it for now.   God's Blessings on you and yours,   TTFN,   Sam and Bill

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