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Okay so here is the promised post on tomato varieties for 2013.

Now on to Tomatoes- It was a rough year last year but Praise God I am feeling so much better, I have a little help lined up and am stepping out in faith to say these are the plans for this season.

For Plants we will be offering;

Paul Robeson
Caspian Pink

Mortgage Lifter- Pink Beefsteak  lower acid but great flavor and good story behind the name.

Caspian Pink- The Caspian Pink beat Brandywine varieties in three straight taste tests.

Green Zebra
Paul Robeson-Amazing flavor that is so distinctive, sweet and smokey. 7-10 oz. fruit are a black-brick color. This one is my favorite "Black" tomato, the one that I hoard for myself.

Black from Tula- Another "Black" Russian dependable and delicious but lower acid content.

Green Zebra- Astounding almost citrusy flavor. Beautiful fruit that stays green but has yellow stripes. Yum
Sarah Black- New this year . Pictured on last week's blog. Russian

Amana Oange- Big Low Acid orange tomato- Named for the Amana Colonies by which it was developed.

Black Plum - The name says it all-great for drying

Black Krim- New this year -Wow I like these Russian tomatoes

Purple Carbon-Standard here for 6 years. No cat facing. Russian variety

Golden Jubilee- Golden beefsteak lower acid w/good flavor

MoonGlow- Orange salad size around 4oz good for container

Cour di Bue
Pantanesco Romanesco-Dark Red, large, Juicy and Flavorful. New!

Cour di Bue - Italian Oxheart

Rutgers-Determinant, Good yields- Old fashioned, red favorite for canning.

Amish Paste- Good producing paste tomato always in demand

Tigerella- 2 inch, very round fruit-good disease resistance

Cherokee Chocolate- wasn't planning on these but free seed came w/order. Supposed to be an improved version of Cherokee.

Lemon Boy

Hybrids- These are full flavor NON GMO hybrids. I have grown these for 25 years. You won't be disappointed.

Early Girl- Salad size, indeterminant non stop red producers
Pink Girl- Large Pink beefsteak type lower acid but awesome flavors
Lemon Boy - Lemon yellow- not golden with an zesty citrus flavor.

Bush Early Girl- Same great flavor but suitable for containers

Produce Only
Now these tomatoes are what will be grown for only for produce sales at the market. Along with everything else already mentioned of course.

Pork Chop
Pork Chop - A new heirloom yellow at Baker Creek but the seed is provided by Wild Boar Farms-


Left to right -We grew these last year and so pleased, they all made the cut again this year.

SunGold- Sweetest Cherry Tomato on market
Indigo Rose- Full of antioxidants
Chocolate Cherry&Black Cherry-Rich flavors Both Heirlooms
Principe Borghese-like a little baby Roma- great for drying-Heirloom

Riesenstraube-Another Cherry Heirloom, Red. New this Season
Green Grape
Green Grape- A sister to Green Zebra

Violet Jasper- We had a few of these last year but not enough to sell. We're trying again this year

Violet Jasper


Azoychka Russian- 6- 8 oz yellow Russian- Got these in late last year but what we did get had succulent flavor. Similar in looks to The Pork Chop tomato but with green shoulders.

Okay, I think that's all but probably I forgot 1 or 2. Remember all our tomatoes are grown in organic potting mix. Sunflower Savannah is Certified Naturally Grown which means no pesticides, herbicides and sustainably managed. What we take out, we put back.

Tune in next time for lambing updates- some of the girls are due in a couple of weeks.

Don't forget St.Johns!

God's blessings on you and yours


Sam &Bill

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