Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's a Jungle Out There

Well despite the heat and lack of rain our garden is flourishing. There is barely room to walk between the rows. Of course as usual, most of what you see overlapping here are the volunteer tomatillos that return w/a vengence every year. I often joke that we should call the place Terra de Tomatillo. We throw away hundreds of plants but everytime you till, up pop more. When they get so big you just hate to pull them up when visions of Smoked Tomatillo Salsa are dancing in your head. They overshadow everything though and make it hard for weed control.

On this side are the annual flowers, sunflowers, zinnia, ornamental amaranth and celosias. Tomatoes abound on the fences and tomatillos make room for themselves here too. Everything is branching out, reaching for every available stream of sunflight.
Speaking of sunlight. notice the black cloth stretched over the top of the garden. This is shadecloth and keeps the tomatoes and peppers from sunburning. . . us too. Good thing that we had it last week. It got so hot here that it melted black plastic pots that we had sitting out! Whew!

We have missed the last couple of markets dues to personal reasons but we will be back this weekend. See us at Tower Grove Farmers Market and Bazaar w/pickling cukes, poblano peppers, SUNGOLD tomatoes and our usual yummies.
Listen for our call of LEMONADE, ice cold Lemonade!

See you there


Sam and Bill

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