Thursday, January 12, 2012


Wow, the weather has been nice up until today.
Then SNOW, Yuck! There was about 2 inches on the ground here. As much as I hate it though, Lori from Murray's Orchard reminded me that we need the chill hours or we aren't going to have any peaches next season. This is the truth and one more example of life's little jokes on us, easy winter, no peaches or apples and extra bugs. My own selfish reasons for an warm winter of course include lambing which starts in February. I have 10 pregnant ewes due in Feb and 2 more which are due later. Probably April. I know what you are thinking, why don't you plan the pregnancies for March or April? I always do, but something always happens. This year I had the rams separated and my mom saw them and thought they had gotten out, so she put them back in w/the ewes. So we separated again and my mother in law saw them 2 days later and the same thing happened. So we separated AGAIN and then my dad crashed the tractor into the gate and put everyone into a new pasture together. DID I tell you how helpful my family is....?

While enjoying unfamiliar extra time off from the market, I have been working on seed orders. So far on the list for tomato plants, Caro Rich, Caspian Pink, Azoychka Russian, Chocolate Cherry, Amana Orange, Green Zebra, Aunt Ruby's German Green, Golden Jubilee, Black From Tula, Purple Carbon, Black Plum, Paul Robeson(limited as usual), Mortgage Lifter, Early Girl, Arkansas Traveler, Pink Girl,
Celebrity, Amish Paste and Rutgers. I think that might be enough but knowing me, there will probably be more.

Saturday we will again be at St. John's Episcopal Church on Arsenal.
3664 Arsenal Street, St. Louis, MO 63116 to be exact. Grassfed lamb processed at Swiss Meat Company's federally inspected facilities will be for sale.This time we will have ground lamb as promised along w/the stewmeat, but no other cuts from this ram. Cherry Serrano Pepper Jelly and other canned offerings along w/our tomatillo salsas and granolas.

We hope to see you there.


Sam And Bill

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