Thursday, October 20, 2011

Closing In on the Season

Well it didn't frost last night, but I was worried enough to gather in about 60 lbs of tomatoes. I went outside at 6 a.m. to turn on the sprinklers to wash off any frost that had happened over night before the sun came up but there was no need. It was 42 degrees, warmer than when I went to bed. Now we just need to get through tonight for another week of warmer weather. This is a photo of the door of our 140 year old Smokehouse taken by Julie Dawson. I thought it was apt given the closing of the season.
This week at Tower Grove is our Harvest Festival. We will be there an extra hour and a half, from  8:30- 2 p.m.
 Mary Ellen Raymond will be joining us for w/some Sweet Potatoes, Heirloom Tomatoes and Honey. Mary Ellen is helping me set up in exchange for room to vend her delicious products. She grows naturally w/no pesticides or herbicides.
 We have a favorite Salsa back on the shelf, Charred Tomatillo. So much of a favorite that when I tried to discontinue it for the Smoked Tomatillo , there was an uprising. Now I have to make both.
Next week Sunflower Savannah will have LAMB! Yum. Mostly grass fed. No corn since May. Finished w/some oats. No Hormones or Antibiotics.
With the cold weather coming in, I see some Chow Chow in our future.
See you at the Harvest Festival!


Sam and Bill

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