Thursday, April 9, 2009

Time Off of the Farm

Looking out my front door ....and wondering....What the heck? They've taken over. Aren't they supposed to be in one of the 4 fields?

For everyone who doesn't know, I went to Phoenix last week to help my best friend Karen move here to Missouri. Every year before market season starts, we try to do something together that we haven't done together. We have driven to Missouri from Arizona so we came back through Santa Fe. I have been to New Mexico but not Santa Fe. Still there is something about New Mexico. All the preparation I have to go through to get ready to leave and still it's like MAGIC, as soon as I cross into New Mexico, all heck breaks loose. Last time it was the only ewe that was left to lamb went down w/pneumonia. I stood on a mountainside begging my (saintly, wonderful) vet to do a farm call with no one home. He did and the ewe lived but we lost the lambs.
This time while trying to enjoy the Native Pueblo Indian crafts, I am fielding calls about the llama being loose and organizing a search for her. My poor husband arrived back at the farm only to go on a wild llama chase. Turns out we named Gypsy aptly. We had sightings from as far away as 3 miles in one direction and a mile in the other. Thank God we have awesome neighbors as 4 of them came to our rescue and someone boarded her for the night when she became too stressed to try and drag her a half a mile through the woods AGAIN. My favorite florist helped and she said that if she would've had a video camera she would've made a million dollars on America's Funniest videos of my hubby being dragged by the Gypsy. Anyway, Llama and Husband here when I got home. All Sheep alive, but there was a warning on our door from the Franklin County Police to keep our sheep off of Highway 185. Sigh.....
I don't think that I will go back to New Mexico.

Saturday we will be at St. John's Episcopal church on Arsenal to sell our wares.
We will have our usual Cherry Serrano Pepper Jelly, granolas and salsas but will also bring Spearmint and Garlic Chives. maybe even some asparagus. We'll see. Oh yes and there will be a variety of SMALL Heirloom tomato plants. See you then, 9-1.

Received the news and a check from Slow Foods St. Louis. We will be following our progress on this blog for the 2 projects for which we applied. One will be on raising Cayuga Ducks and the other will involve making our greenhouse more efficient in order to sun dry Heirloom Plum tomatoes.
We will be focusing on Black Plum, Plum Tigris, Plum Lemon, Amish Paste and Thai Red Turtle Egg.
Many Thanks to Slow Foods.

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