Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This Season's Unique Colors...

Today's additions to the farm are New Colors introduced by Jasmine. We've had Jasmine for 3 winters now and this is her 3rd set of lambs for us. However, this season, they are sporting new colors yet to be seen on this farm's Katahdins' or Katahdin mix sheep. As mentioned in a previous post usually the ram is prettier, but this ewe
lamb as in the last twins, is more unique looking than the ram.
And yes, ANOTHER ram...that makes the count 6/5. Bummer.
Good thing they are fun to watch while they grow up.
Speaking of bummer...did you know that Bummer is the name for a lamb that belongs to no mother but makes his living going around "bumming" milk off of other ewes w/nursing babies. He waits until they are occupied w/something else like eating and then goes from behind and suckles for awhile until the ewe notices that it's not her lamb nursing. She will then butt him away and he will start all over w/another ewe. It sounds sad for the lamb but actually they seem like they enjoy the game. Okay, that's enough Sheep 101 for today.

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