Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It really is SPRING

It really is Spring. It's been warm, it's been windy and it's been wet and dry. Yep...Spring in Missouri. Yesterday we planted Garlic for scapes, snow peas and onions. More tomatoes in the greenhouse. Another load of manure in the raised beds and the Liatris is peeking out of the ground. OH and I saw the Asparagus! The sheep beat me to the first few spears, but THEY have been relocated to a new field. We should have some for the April 11th Market.
Okay so we have been getting emails about our tomato plants. Last year we had a lot of different varieties and people are wanting to know if we are planning the same this season also. In February we posted some of the types that we are going to grow to sell as plants as well as what we are going to carry as produce at Tower Grove and Schlafly Market. Since everyone is so interested and it now seems feasible that there really will be a summer here , I guess it's time to post them again.
For sale as Plants at the Markets we will have;
Heirlooms- Black From Tula, Black Sea Man, Paul Robeson, Purple Carbon, Black Plum, Plum Tigris, Plum Lemon, Golden Jubilee, Taxi, Moonglow, Amish Paste, Arkansas Traveler,
Pink Oxheart, Mortage Lifter, Thai Red Turtle Egg, Missouri Love Apple, Green Zebra, Evergreen, Rutgers and Silvery Fir Tree,
Hybrids- Early Girl, Lemon Boy, Pink Girl, Sweet Million, Giant Tree and
SunGold(limited quantity)
and some of each that I'm sure that I've forgotten.

For Sale at the Markets as PRODUCE ONLY;
Along with the previous that are listed,
Heirlooms- Tess's Land Race Currant(-isn't that a cool name?),
Orange Banana,(orange you glad...never mind)
Bijskij Zetyl(mainly because I don't want to have to say it to sell it)
Tlacolula, Furry Yellow Hog, Striped Cavern and Chocolate Cherry.

Probably there will be a few that cross over that are not listed and again some that I've forgotten to list. Let it be noted again that as we are Certified Naturally Grown, almost all the seed is organic and that which is not has NOT been treated. We did search for Organic in every type, but some were just not available. The restrictions are to make the best effort for Organic and if unable to find certain varieties, they MUST BE OF UNTREATED SEED. We also used Missouri vendors when possible. Much of our seed came from Baker Creek in Mansfield, some from Heirloom Acres, New Bloomfield and Seeds of Change which is not Missouri based. Our pots are recycled. Trust, it would be a lot neater around here if it they were not. We also use organic potting mix. SO there you have it...Tomatoes for 2009. I'm sure that we will discuss it again. In fact, I look forward to it.

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