Wednesday, February 11, 2009

2009 tomato crop

I began sowing the tomato seeds last week. Plans had been to start 2 weeks earlier, but life and my husband's carpal Tunnel surgery got in the way. Yesterday I put about 20 trays in the greenhouse and sowed some more today. There are about 20 other varieties of seed in the process of germinating. Some types will be sold at the market as plants while others will never see another garden but my own...the latter will be used as my personal varieties to make salsa, sell at market and for our own consumption.
Here is the list of tomatoes that will be sold as plants at the Market starting in April.

Purple Carbon, Missouri Love Apple, True Black Brandywine, Black From Tula, Paul Robeson, Green Zebra, Evergreen, Lemon Boy, Early Girl, Pink Girl, Morgtage Lifter, Plum Tigris, Oxheart, Black Plum, Arkansas Traveler, Amish Paste, Taxi, Plum Lemon, Beefsteak, Giant tree and Rutgers, Moon Glow, Thai Red Turtle Egg...

Items in Bold are Heirlooms

There will probably be additions to this list and in addition, the following tomatoes will be sold at market or used in our salsa.

Golden Jubilee, Black Sea Man, Bijskij Zetyl, Tlacolula and Orange Banana, Furry Yellow Hog, Mule Team, Striped Cavern

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