Sunday, January 18, 2009


This is the first Blog posting for Sunflower Savannah. We've been trying to add a blog for a few months now. Between my ignorance, Yahoo not always being user friendly and harvest...(and of course the holidays) this has been delayed much longer than planned.
It's January again...almost the end. The first couple of weeks without a schedule were heady. Especially as I came down with the flu and then as I recovered, my husband despite all of our precautions followed suit. But now it just feels like goofing off. I know I should cling to this illusion of freedom as come October I will be ready give anything for a pedicure and a stolen hour in my lake w/my best friend Karen. It just doesn't feel right however as I rifle through the seed catalogs and count those extra seconds of light that we gain every day. Yeah, there's stuff to do, rooms to paint and movies to see, but still I long for dirt under my nails and green outside besides the pine trees.

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